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Arcade (Eng. Arcade) – common in post-Soviet computer games industry term for computer games with deliberately primitive gameplay. Some magazines about computer games identify them as a separate genre and rank them platformers (those that have been ported to the PC). In world practice, as well as in the Russian press, arcades called games for arkadnyh slot machines. This is not a separate genre of games, but rather the direction of the game. Computer game called “arcade” in the event that it is directly ported to the machine or similar in concept with games for machines. For example, to arcade games are all projects of the genre “fighting» (fighting), part of the games of the genre “race» (racing), part of the games of the genre “shooter» (shooter)...
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Brother Pilots

Year: 2004
Genre: arcade
Developer: Pipe Studio
Discs: 1 DVD(*.iso)
Requirements: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP, P II 333 Mhz, 64 Mb RAM, video 800х600 16-bit

About the game:

Malathion … (alive smoking room!) … A small Tasmanian catches of blue elephants whole bales – Dorval is called. Pochityvaya once in a newspaper kofiem, Chef and colleague learn to reduce the population of these rare animals and, of course, fly to the rescue. Toy collected on the engine QD Engine and became the third in the list of merit of this tool. And while the last two-dimensional … The task – to collect the plane on which you have to fly to save rare animals. Chef (R) takes the jack on the left in the pantry. Colleague (R) opens the closet, takes a bottle and gets on the table...

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