Learning More About Miracles With the Church on the Rise Today

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Particular Interests

Each person typically has particular interests in their walk with the Lord. Some love to study the Bible and others find their greatest meaning in volunteer work. Some individuals want to know more about the ways the Holy Spirit manifests in the world today through miraculous healings, prophesy, and speaking in tongues. Also known as glossolalia, the ability to speak in unknown languages is a gift of the Spirit first occurring on Pentecost, as detailed in the Acts of the Apostles.

Biblical Miracles

Miracles are all about transforming a situation into something more positive. Christians tend to be very familiar with miracles performed by Jesus, but other individuals in the Bible were responsible for miraculous occurrences as well. In 2 Kings, for example, Elisha brings a dead boy back to life. The man also performs miracles that may not have been as extravagant, but still were very valuable to the people affected. Allowing a lost ax head to rise to the top of a river is an example.

Of course, long before this, Moses and the Israelites were able to make their exodus from Egypt because God parted the Red Sea, making a path for them. The Egyptians who were pursuing the Israelites were not so fortunate.

Myths, Allegories or Something More?

Some people see these stories as myths or allegories from which a symbolic meaning can be derived. Some Biblical scholars and Christians believe these events were not actually miraculous in the sense that God did not intervene in a supernatural way. Instead, God may have caused a natural occurrence that was in favor of those praying for help. Numerous scientists have conducted studies to figure out how the Red Sea could have naturally opened up as described in Exodus. Many Christians believe that this type of intervention is still a true miracle because God answered the prayers.